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The Master in Physics provides advanced training in physics. It includes specialisations in areas such as particle physics, condensed matter physics, theoretical physics, applied physics, astronomy and astrophysics.The answer to the question of what is an MSc in Mathematics lies in understanding how different types of math are categorized. Instead of focusing on a particular type of math such as algebra or calculus, a postgraduate degree in general mathematics allows students to concentrate on number theory and advanced mathematical methods that tie together all the different forms of mathematics they have likely already learned. This degree tends to have a heavy focus on analysis and theory rather than practical uses of math, but most schools also require several application courses for completion.

A master’s degree is a postgraduate degree for students who want to become more skilled or specialized in a particular discipline. While bachelor’s and other undergraduate degrees typically give a relatively broad overview of a particular area of study, master’s degrees tend to be more focused and allow students to develop the depth of their knowledge in a particular subject, putting them on the right course to become leaders in their fields.

Whether you want to explore space, time, matter or the many other intriguing elements of the physical world, a physics degree can do wonders for your career path. While many physics graduates go on to work within research roles, these are spread across many different industries – including education, automotive and aerospace industries, defense, the public sector, healthcare, energy, materials, technology, computing and IT.

Eligibility and Seats Availability
  • B. Sc. in any decipline with Physics and Maths or equivalent.

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Fee Structure
Academic Fees Structure For Session 2018-19 Send to me
SN Particulars Sem-I Sem-II Sem-III Sem-IV
1 Admission fee INR 5,000/- - - -
2 Tuition Fee INR 20,000/- INR 20,000/- INR 20,000/- INR 20,000/-
Admission Process

Candidates seeking admission in M. Sc. (Physics) in Alpine Dehradun must register online. On the basis of seat availability Alpine Institute will send an admission offer letter. Student has to visit campus with required documents and fee.
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Important Dates
1 Events Dates
1 Admission Open Date 10th May 2018
2 Admission Last Date 31st July 2018

Career Prospects
“M. Sc. in Physics degree covers a large area in career prospects.”

Public health microbiologists try and control the spread of diseases by monitoring water and food supplies. Agricultural microbiology is focused on the health of crops, increasing yield and soil fertility. Microbial ecologists study the habitats of microorganisms to determine their contribution to the chemical cycles in soil and water; they also study the effects of pollution on the same, and develop methods to use microorganisms to combat pollution. Food and dairy microbiology prevents microbial spoilage of consumables, fights food borne transmission of diseases, and also makes food like cheese, yoghurt and wine.

B. After completion of M.Sc. physics, students have plenty of openings, for case, they can apply for tens of thousands SSC, UPSC, State PSCs and other organizations. In any case, more\ well known choice is to go for the opportunities as researcher from different reputed private and government industries/research organizations/institutions and labs.

Eligible for appearing exams as:-
  1. JAM
  2. JEST
  3. GATE
  4. NET
Employment Areas

With a degree in microbiology, you can get opportunities in various fields like healthcare organizations, forensic science laboratories, environmental organizations, higher education institutions, food and drink, publicly funded research organizations, pharmaceuticals and many other industries.

They can apply for various jobs in Govt. Organization's given Below :

  1. Pharmaceutical Industries
  2. Universities
  3. Laboratories
  4. Private Hospitals
  1. Research Organizations
  2. Environmental Agencies
  3. Food Industry
  1. Beverage Industry
  2. Chemical Industries
  3. Agriculture Department
Higher Education After M. Sc. (Physics)
  1. M. Phil
  2. Ph. D.
  3. M. Tech
Job Opportunities
Once you are done with M. Sc. in Physics, you can choose your preferred job profile from the numerous options available. A M. Sc. Physics student can choose to be any of the following:
  1. Research Assistant
  2. Food, Industrial or Environmental Microbiologists
  3. Quality Assurance Technologists
  4. Sales or Technical Representative
  5. Clinical and Veterinary Microbiologists
  1. Medical Technologists
  2. Biomedical Scientist
  3. Clinical Research Associate
  4. Microbiologist
  5. Pharmacologist
  1. Food Technologist
  2. Scientific Laboratory Technician
  3. Physician Associate
  4. Research Scientist (life sciences)
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